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    Everything we feared about communism - that we would lose our houses and savings and be forced to labor eternally for meager wages with no voice in the system - has come true under capitalism.
    — Jeff Sparrow (via sinidentidades)

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    Little solace comes
    to those who grieve
    when thoughts keep drifting
    as walls keep shifting
    and this great blue world of ours
    seems a house of leaves
    moments before the wind.

    Mark Z. Danielewski, House of Leaves

    This book is unlike any book you’ll read or, if you’re him, try to read, says Wesley Bonnheim. The effect of House of Leaves has on people is intriguing. Discover more about this singular work that is still one of Bonnheim’s favorites, even though he never finished it.

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    This is me.

  4. I don’t do politics very much.

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May the Fourth be with you!
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    secondaryhank turned 3 today!

    secondaryhank turned 3 today!

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    You and your roommate followed me in the same day. Two followers in one day! So I sent you both a message thanking you. I don’t do that much. You both seemed interesting, and I thought maybe you were the same person. The ‘I follow you, you should follow me’ thing is a game I don’t play.

    There are not many folks on here that I communicate with directly, and almost none regularly. I say ‘almost’ because we email. There were two others, but I don’t talk with them much, anymore. This, despite my random efforts to do so. I always get a little excited to get an email from you. It is the closest thing to getting a proper letter.

    You write very openly, and I find that endearing. We’ve discussed vulnerability as an attractive quality. You separate things with bullets that I think are connected, and I like figuring out why they might not be in your mind.

    You seem unafraid of your own emotions, even though they overwhelm you. I envy that.

    Despite what I know of you, there is so much that I do not. This is why I am careful. I would love to meet you, as rare as that chance might be. I would want to hug you a lot. The physicality that is lacking in so many modern relationships. We’ve talked of this, too.

    And you like Nemo.

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    It is truly a miracle that we are here at all, to sleep, to rise, to down quick breakfasts and run for trains and be on time or late, as Fate decides.

    Ray Bradbury

    I pulled this from McSweeney’s 45 - Hitchcock and Bradbury Fistfight in Heaven. Though, they reprinted it from the introduction to Timeless Stories for Today and Tomorrow.

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    This… needs… more… notes..

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    how many male novelists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    1. A: The terrible sex had made him feel deeply interesting, like a murder victim.
    2. ---
    3. A: The beast, which had represented his feelings, was dead. “I think I’ll do a pushup,” he announced to the sea. The sea respected him for it.
    4. ---
    5. A: [4000 words from the narrator about his feelings on his childhood circumcision]
    6. ---
    7. A: War is hell.
    8. ---
    9. A: He straightened his tie. He had lost, but in a romantic way, which meant that he had won. “I’m going to do a pushup,” he announced to his tie. His tie respected him for it, and secretly wished that it could have sex with him.
    10. ---
    11. A: You wouldn’t understand.
    12. ---
    13. A: He swore curses at his coworkers. He was making a lot of money. Fuck.
    14. ---
    15. A: This neighborhood in New York City was very different from the other neighborhood in New York City he’d just been in.
    16. ---
    17. A: He lit a cigarette. His glass of whiskey lit a cigarette too. “I can only truly love my best friend,” he said, “but not in a gay way. Women wouldn’t understand it. They’re too gay.” Both of the cigarettes agreed.
    18. ---
    19. A: [4000 words about an isolated encounter with a service worker that borders on racist and goes nowhere]
    20. ---
    21. A: “The cocaine isn’t the point. The cocaine is a metaphor,” he explained wearily over the pile of cocaine. She folded her arms. She didn’t understand his cocaine. “Didn’t you read my manifesto?” The prostitute had read his manifesto. Why couldn’t she?
    22. ---
    23. A: This lightbulb is inauthentic.
    24. ---
    25. A: ”It’s only the institution I have a problem with,” he explained to the empty bar.
    26. ---
    27. A: The time had come for him to go to war, and also find himself, and also reject the rules of your society.
    28. ---
    29. A: His alcoholism was different, because someday he was going to die.
    30. ---
    31. A: [Nothing happens for 450 pages; receives fourteen awards]
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    this show is gold

    Duchess got me a Jake toy for $mas! No one else knew who it was.

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    i'll save you, teens

    1. rn: what has twitter even been up to recently
    2. rn: i deleted my account
    3. me: twitter is now Gen X Zone
    4. me: i logged in and [friend in late thirties] was talking about Bejeweled while linking to a Penny Arcade strip
    5. me: so i logged out
    6. rn: oh
    7. rn: … oh
    8. rn: so it's like a generational step down from facebook
    9. rn: which has become overrun by Parents
    10. me: yes exactly
    11. rn: i just saw a headline on some news site a few weeks ago
    12. rn: about how teens are abandoning facebook in favor of other services
    13. rn: and WHERE TO FIND THEM
    14. rn: like, how to trace the internet teen diaspora
    15. rn: it seems like people are just retreating into niche IM services again rather than maintaining any kind of publicly accessible profile
    16. rn: we gazed into the abyss for a few years and did not like what we saw
    17. me: please leave us alone oh my god
    18. rn: this ties in with your hypothesis about IRC becoming a thing again
    19. rn: but even that might be a step too far
    20. me: sometimes i feel like im the only thing standing between teenagers and the boomers/gen x
    22. rn: you're not the hero teens deserve
    23. rn: but you're the one they need
    24. rn: [distant nyan cat theme]
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Just a couple more hours left to get an Obey Cthulhu shirt at qwertee.com for only $12, then the price goes up.


    Just a couple more hours left to get an Obey Cthulhu shirt at qwertee.com for only $12, then the price goes up.